Art Classes

Do you want to learn how to create your own Textured Art and Geometric 3D Art?

Introducing our art classes where we're all about Textured Art and Geometric 3D Art. Get ready to learn, explore and play with some texture, paint, materials and let your creativity flow run wild!


Textured Art
    Get hands-on with textures and make art you can touch and feel.
      We'll use all sorts of materials and techniques to give your art depth and character. Imperfection is perfection when it comes to textured art.

        Textured Styles


        Basic Lines/Arches

        Ocean Waves


        Geometric 3D Art


        Join us in the world of shapes and three-dimensional art.
        Craft geometric masterpieces that are refreshingly minimalist yet visually satisfying. We will help you balance and learn shape placement and a bit of puzzle play on canvas!


        Whats included:

        2 Hrs Class - at your location

        1 Canvas
        - We provide all materials; tools, paint, texture, etc to make your piece on the day!



        Brisbane & Gold Coast

        (Private online classes also available)


        How to Book:

        Ready to join in the fun of the textured art community? Just fill out the form below or email us with the location, people and dates you're interested in.



        We can't wait to help you unleash your artistic side, relax and enjoy creating a special piece made just by you!



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